Let’s Make A Choice

We have two types of choices in our life. One that is beyond our control like the family we born in, the religion we born in, sometime the relationship we get into, the things you have not control in etc. Then there is another set of choices you think you take but they are eventually shaped by society around you. Like your carrier, your life goals. There are choices that we think end up leading to be taken in the right sprit bur often taken in the wrong term, that is what I am writing about.

We often come across many people in our life who gives more preference to their passion or dream or they face the situation which give them the courage to full fill their destiny. They made their choice in life which is wrong choice according to the society and become who they are today. People like J. K. Rolling, Opera wins piryanka, Hrithik Roshan.

I wrote about the wrong choice but actually what is right choice according to society. According to society the right choice are go to good schools score good marks, take digree from good college and secure an healthy job.

If you go beyond that and follow your heart or your passion that is where you make wrong choices. If you want to prove your wrong choice believe in yourself and this is what you have to do.

Passion  according to me is not simply something you you believe in passion basically it is something that you don’t even have to formally be schooled it. You learn it all by yourself become bloody good at it and have become so good at it that you can go ahead and teach it to someone. That is your true passion and that is something everyone should great and cultivate in their life. Believe me your true passion will take you through a long journey in your life.

Be In Relationship

Every relationship has its cycle. It starts with a meeting. You meet someone, and then you want to meet that person more.
Later, one day, you realize that you are in love with that person.
You count that person in everything and start making plans for the future. You anticipate their calls, want to hear their voice and want to feel their touch. You start liking their idiosyncrasies and quirks.
Falling in love with someone is the best thing that happens to you and one of the best feelings in the world. You just go with the flow of emotions. You just follow wherever it takes you. That is why we say, ‘we fall in love’.
In the journey of love, you reach a point where you think that the person is the right one for you.
When you are in love, you feel you are being swept off your feet. Imagine the expression. You are just there standing, doing nothing and then someday, SOMETHING happens to you.

Falling in love with someone is an impulsive and spontaneous feeling. However, what is more, important is what happens after that. You never think about it. But, after a few months, or years,
of being together, the ecstasy and excitement of love fade. That is quite natural and happens in EVERY relationship.
Everything happens very slowly, but this time, you are on the other side. Gradually, those phone calls, which you used to wait for eagerly, become a bother or duty to answer. Touch, which used to make you shiver, now becomes irritable. It does not excite you as it did earlier.
Moreover, the idiosyncrasies and quirks, which you always appreciated and accepted in all forms, start grating and bothering you so much that it feels like a knife slicing through your head.
When you start noticing the changes in your relationship show it was initially and how it is now you find a big and stay difference. You start seeing the relationship as a ‘burden’ that you keep dragging. Your partner and you start asking yourselves, ‘Am I the right person, to be loved?’ On the other hand, most importantly,
a question flicks into your mind, ‘Am I with the right person?’
We are all humans and share a similar nature. You may wish or desire to feel the same love you had with someone else.
That is the time when most breakups happen. Family consent and caste difference just become excuses to break away from that relationship.
Most of the time, people say that they are not happy they blame their partners and look for happiness in other end up having extramarital affairs. Infidelity is very common in relationships these days.
A few people may end up finding someone better outside their relationship but the truth and the reality of this dilemma lie within the relationship, not outside.
There is no rule that you cannot fall in love with someone else, that is also natural. You feel the same or even better than your previous relationship. But this is temporary. Years later,
you will find yourself in a similar situation and start feeling miserable once again. You will realize it was all an illusion, but by then it would be too late, and you may have already ruined too many things.
So instead of finding the answer to, ‘Am I with the right person?’, you should try to understand that a successful and lifelong relationship is not about finding the right person, but about learning to love the person you have already found. That
is not easy, by the way.
Successful relationships are not really spontaneous and impulsive experiences. You have to put effort, work on it each day. They are just like the giant trees with deep roots, as much time and work go into growing them. They aren’t like the small plants, weak and timid.
A sustaining love takes time, effort and energy. You should not see it as a liability or an asset, but you should know what you have to do to make it work and where you have to take this relationship. MAKE NO MISTAKES ABOUT IT.
Loving someone is not tough, but the real challenge is to be with that person forever, with happiness and faith. That is important.
Love is neither an illusion nor a mystery. It is just like the few basics of your favourite subject. If you know how to apply them, you start getting the results the expected positive results
that you wish for.
Therefore, love is a decision, not just a feeling.
Maybe God determines who walks into our life. However, it is up to us to decide who we let walk away, who we let stay
and who we refuse to let go!

It Hurts To Be Safe?

In our everyday life we want to be  safe. we want securities in our job,in our profession etc.

I want to share a short story of a person who learns that safety or be safe in professional life hurt or stop our growth.  a boy from small bengali family asked the question that what you want to be life he says he want i want to be a Mechanical engineer  he has reason behind that he feels security in that profession because his father also work as an mechanical engineer.he thought it would be better to choose a stream where i can get the job very easily and  had a professional security. when he get through that collage he want to study. he does not love that but he also not hate that. he starts writing  a blog he got about 45 to 50, readers. some of his readers suggest him to write a book, he took it seriously. in his fourth year he published his book and forget about it, because he thought  it’s not safe option to to be writer instead of being a engineer. he starts his job . after a year he get through CAT exam. when he is going to start his collage in a week. publisher called him that 75000 copies of his book sold. he want him to write more books. he said to publisher that he is going to start his collage in a week and their he will has time to write a book. publisher convince him that he has to write a book of 200 page whatever he want to write. He write 3 book during his two year MBA course. books got good response. when he sit for the interview for job for first company the HR if that company says that we can not heir you because you will one day leave our company and started writing books. he tries to convince her but she refuse to listen to him. when next company arrived for interview he reprint his CV that he is published author of  one book which he write 3 year ago. He convince that company that company that  he stops writing and he want a secure job. that company haire  him. after doing his job for one year he thinks what i am doing?He leaves the job in spite of his friends and family force to be in security of job. He became a full time writer the work he suppose to do. Now he is the India’s top writer and his name is Durjoy datta.  If he stay in the security of job he will not be able to be  india’s top writer.

Sometimes in our life we have to came out of job security to full fill our dream. If we always tries to be safe in our lives it will stops us to achieve our dreams.

According to me magic and merical happens but it happens when we move out of the spot light. You just  belief yourself.

Find Your Hogwarts

we are described as many thing in our life at different phase of our life. what ever we do. But when you describe yourselves, you do not describe yourselves by the things that you’re really average at, instead of that we like to describe our selves by the things we are good at or the things we love to do.don’t be defined by the career you are in, don’t be defined by the qualification you have Be defined by what you love.

we all are  Hermione Granger! i don’t know how many of my you are the fan of harry potter film series and how many of you read the books. Hermione Granger is one of the my favorite character and not without reason she is intelligent, she is ambitious and a very clever muggel (who does not know magic) . insted of being muggel (she does not have magic) she grew up to one of the most powerful witch of her age at the hogwarts. What i constantly think about is what if she does not discovered that her real true calling was to become a witch. what if she had not discovered that she was born to be a witch. everyone around the world should related to Hermione Graner because we all are intelligent, we all are reasonably ambitious, so i constantly thought that aren’t we all looking for hogwarts the place where we truly be ourselves. But there is one another character in harry potter series Ronald weasely. he wasn’t a great wizard he wasn’t even a good one,he was really stupid but even his safe place was hogwarts. There was that place he would go and he would be accepted, he could go to hogwarts and he’d be loved that is where he felt at home. so it’s not important for you to be good at your passion, it’s important for you to love your passion. if you love your passion it will love you back unconditionally, irrevocably. it’s very important for you to find that passion. it doesn’t matter whether you are Ron weasely the Dumb wizard or Hermione Granger the clever witch.what’s important is that you find your hogwarts the place where you truly can be your self.


the daily prompt challenge by daily post. here it is

Winsome began as “wynsum” a thousand years ago. It was formed from “wynn,” the Old English word for “joy” or “pleasure,” and the suffix -sum, an older form of the “-some” we see today in many adjectives, such as “awesome,” “irksome,” and “lonesome.” “Wynn” later became win,meaning “pleasure,” but we haven’t used that noun since the 17th century. We do, however, use another word that has a “pleasing” connection and is related, albeit distantly, to “winsome.” “Winning” (“tending to please or delight,” as in “a winning smile” or “winning ways”), the present participle of the familiar verb “win,” is from Old English winnan, meaning “to struggle.” Both “winnan” and “wynn” are thought to be related to Latin venus, which means, among other things, “charm.”

via Daily Prompt: Winsome

What we need?

In today’s world our education system is based on the getting good marks in the examination. If you get good marks you are a brilliant student and if you not you are average or poor student. Is this right that analysis of students done on the basis of their marks?

According to me in today’s world we don’t need a well filed mind which knows everything which already discovered. For this purpose we have Google  so why we need to filed our mind. In spite of that we need a “well formed mind”. The mind which reacts with the unfamiliar facts and details that can actually synthesized information that it hasn’t studied before. A mind in other words that can react to the bigger examination called ‘life’ which does not actually only give you things you’re prepared for. For this examination you need a mind that’s shaped by original thinking. A mind that doesn’t just asks teachers why? But why not?

Limited Realism Vs Infinite Delusion

At all times in our life our choice is limited with the limited realism and infinite delusion. Our destiny as we say it say it only determines our past because we can’t do anything about it. It determines our present to some extent because we can’t do much about it. But it can not determine our future because the future is the space of infinite possibilities. Anything can happen right now because next second has yet not happen right now. Future is an imaginative space, your memory can take you in the past, your fine sense can make you perceive the present but your imagination manufacturers the future.

If you Imagine yourself to a height where you have accomplished all your dreams. People may say that you are insane thinking so high of yourself and you can’t do it. just believe in yourself. Just remember that this is the phase where you are training yourself and polishing your skills and identifying your flaws so that you can improve from the learning and bring out the best version of yourself. live in realism is right but live in limited realism not. never let realism to limit you. it is all ways better to live in infinite delusion then the limited realism.