Live In Eternal Now

“Forever is composed of now’s.” – Emily Dickinson

We, humans, are unpredictable. We have our own ways to orient ourselves in time. Some of us are letting our past lives cling to us while others are busy thinking what their future may bring. But, that’s not how we all should be.
Life is lived in the moments. This is the best thing that I have learned in my life. Looking back in the past and forward to the future will only create worries and regrets in life. This is the reason why world’s prestigious philosophies and religions such as Buddhism promote LIVING THE LIFE IN ETERNAL NOW. It is the best way to live the life and feel joyous about every moment we breathe in.
“Living in the moment” belief comes from great wisdom and the people who live by this belief are regarded as the enlightened ones.


Before learning the secret of living in the present, you’ll have to accept the fact that though you are in your present your mind is still stuck in the thoughts of past and future. Living in the moment is not about your actions, it’s about the thoughts behind them. It’s about the content that comes along with the action – the worries about outcomes, the expectations, the regrets and many such things.
So, whenever you find yourself in the regrets, worries, and restless thoughts, just breathe and open your mind to let go of your thoughts.


Since you have realized that you are not your thoughts, it’s time to return to your present.
Ask yourself these two questions:
How often you think about what you are going to do in future instead of focusing on what you are doing now?
How often you think about the past and wondered I should have done this or I shouldn’t have done that instead of realizing that you cannot change it?
If your answer is “A lot”, then you are simply denying the divine pleasure of living in the moment.

Just remember this:

“Your happiness doesn’t reside in your past or future. It completely depends on the moment you’re in right now – not in the previous or upcoming moment. It’s all here. Redirect your awareness to the present moment and live it to the fullest.”


What I have seen is that people find it very difficult to not think about their past or future. When they are asked about it, they say it’s not in their hands. Their mind automatically takes them to somewhere they don’t belong.
Then, how are you supposed to stay in the present? The answer is: Control your mind.


Meditation is the quintessential tool that can help you to control your mind and stay in The Now. Meditation is a divine practice that connects you with YOU in the present moment. It takes you to the blissful state of being in the now and not worrying about what has happened in the past or what is going to happen in the future. It takes you to where you belong.
This three-step “Here and Now” Meditation will help you to stay in the present moment:
Remind yourself that you belong here and now.
Be aware of the things happening around you in the current moment.
Start doing everything with mindfulness and awareness without thinking about the past and future.
Life unfolds itself in the present moment. It’s right where you are now. It neither belongs in past nor in the future. It’s here. So, live it here. Embrace the Divine pleasure of living in the moment!

Story Matters

A story comprises a beginning, middle, and an end. The “Beginning” is where we came from and who we were. The “Middle” is who are we now and where we stand. An end is what we dream to become. Everyone on this planet has a story. We all have lived in the past and the past has a story linked to it. These stories are the greatest ways to tell people about our life like who we were and what we have been through. And these stories can have a very deep impact on our lives.


Stories are very powerful and they have this tendency to change our lives for better. Some stories can entirely change the way we think. Some stories motivate and inspire us to do something grand.  We express our deepest emotions through stories. To convey deepest of our thoughts, we tell stories as they appeal to our reason. Stories provide evidence to our past. It’s just by nature that we all are storytellers. I do not know whether we have inherited this trait but this trait stays with us forever and we all become storytellers as soon as we learn to speak.


A research was conducted at Princeton University where a psychologist and his colleagues had a team of graduates. The research showed some astounding results. A graduate was telling an unrehearsed story. His brain along with the brains of 11 other volunteers was scanned by a fMRI machine (functional MRI). When the results of the scan were analyzed, the researchers found out that while the speaker was telling his story, his brain lit up in the area of insula (a region in the brain responsible for empathy and moral sensibilities). That’s not it. To their surprise, the insulae of all other 11 volunteers lit up too. The listeners were actually imagining the story. They were thinking about the emotions of the speaker.


This is how a story affects us.



Well if you think about the power of the stories then you’ll find out that it has a very deep impact on our lives. A story about a Tibetan boy was told, which made people become like that boy. The boy gave a cake to his mother while he was hungry big time. People began to feel the emotion and the love of the boy for her mother. People were so much influenced that they decided to do the same and help others when they can’t help you back. They learned that hard times are not really hard unless you make them hard.


Steve Jobs had rightly said, “the most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storytellers set the vision, values and the agenda of an entire generation that is to come.“



We hear stories of some of the greatest business entrepreneurs. We all know about Bill Gates. He began writing computer programs when he was 14. He was so passionate about programming. At that time, he was able to write programs for a computer Operating System. Then there is the Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg who was a college dropout. He was suspended from the college for a year for hacking into the Harvard University’s computer. Donald Trump won the election because he was such a good narrator. He made people buy into his story and that’s something which helped him win the election. And when we hear these stories, we feel if they can do it then we can do it too. I know there are many stories that you can relate to yourself. These stories inspire you and motivate you to do something big and you actually start to work hard to accomplish your goals. So yeah, these stories are really powerful and are capable of changing our lives.



We hear a lot of stories which are inspiring, happy, or sad. These stories have a serious impact on our lives. We hear stories about oppression and that human in us feels sad. So we think about making a change. We take steps to avoid things like these. We hear stories of people suffering from diseases and we feel it’s something that should be eradicated from the society. So we take actions to stop the disease and help those people.


Everyone has stories and everyone is a storyteller but the one who uses the paraphernalia of distinctive storytelling effectively knows the power of stories. Adichie knows what the relation between the story and power is.


“Stories matter. Many stories matter. Stories have been used to dispossess and to malign, but stories can also be used to empower and to humanize. Stories can break the dignity of a people, but stories can also repair that broken dignity.”


Sometime Travel Alone

Have you ever thought about traveling alone? Maybe you considered it but you were just so afraid of traveling alone. Well, if you have traveled alone and decided never to travel alone because you had few problems. Then it is the time to reconsider the whole equation. Even if you hate the idea of traveling alone it doesn’t mean that it is worthless.

Yes, yes, ‘Why travel alone, when you can have your loved one beside you?’ But for a change and for a new experience, you should consider traveling alone sometimes.

“The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready.” – Henry David Thoreau

Not convinced? I’ll give you some reasons how traveling alone can be a great learning opportunity.


Being a solo traveler makes you a better observer. You see things in a different way. It makes you a better person. You get to know how to interact with others being an outsider. You get more curious about things and you pay more attention and you learn something new. It is usually not possible with a travel partner.


Money plays a crucial part when you plan a trip. When you are going out with friends, you end up spending more money. Everybody has a different taste. So it gets messed up when your friends ask you to do something that you don’t like or to go to a place that you don’t want to go. But since you’re friends, you would end up doing that thing. It wastes your money and your time.


Traveling with a partner is never easy. Your partner will propose different terms that might not be any good to you. Moreover, chances are your traveling partner has different traveling interests or his budgets just do not fit right. But when you are traveling alone, you have a whole list set up and you go accordingly. Only your needs matter and you can go wherever you want to go and whenever you want to go.


When you travel alone, there is a sudden boost in your confidence. You feel more confident because you are put to several conditions and you get to know how to deal with those situations. This has a great impact on your life. You begin to find every task easy. Traveling alone brings out the best of you. Trust me, everyone gets nervous when they are kicking off a solo trip but once you do it successfully, everything changes. You become more patient.


Sharing memories with someone is adorable. But when you are on a solo trip, you have a better perspective on things. You learn a lot. You make new friends. You know different cultures. The memories tend to last longer. You discover some of the best things of your life. You find things that you want to keep to yourself only. These memories will be more meaningful and profound.


Trust me; all of us who went on a trip with friends or family have a level of disappointment in the end. We wish that we could have done this or that. Chances are you got into a fight with one of your friend. On a solo trip, everything you do is to keep yourself happy. You never have this level of disappointment. For example, you found a museum and you kind of liked it and you spent more time there. Are you going to regret it? If you think about it the answer is no. So GO SOLO.

It Hurts To Be Safe?

In our everyday life we want to be  safe. we want securities in our job,in our profession etc.

I want to share a short story of a person who learns that safety or be safe in professional life hurt or stop our growth.  a boy from small bengali family asked the question that what you want to be life he says he want i want to be a Mechanical engineer  he has reason behind that he feels security in that profession because his father also work as an mechanical engineer.he thought it would be better to choose a stream where i can get the job very easily and  had a professional security. when he get through that collage he want to study. he does not love that but he also not hate that. he starts writing  a blog he got about 45 to 50, readers. some of his readers suggest him to write a book, he took it seriously. in his fourth year he published his book and forget about it, because he thought  it’s not safe option to to be writer instead of being a engineer. he starts his job . after a year he get through CAT exam. when he is going to start his collage in a week. publisher called him that 75000 copies of his book sold. he want him to write more books. he said to publisher that he is going to start his collage in a week and their he will has time to write a book. publisher convince him that he has to write a book of 200 page whatever he want to write. He write 3 book during his two year MBA course. books got good response. when he sit for the interview for job for first company the HR if that company says that we can not heir you because you will one day leave our company and started writing books. he tries to convince her but she refuse to listen to him. when next company arrived for interview he reprint his CV that he is published author of  one book which he write 3 year ago. He convince that company that company that  he stops writing and he want a secure job. that company haire  him. after doing his job for one year he thinks what i am doing?He leaves the job in spite of his friends and family force to be in security of job. He became a full time writer the work he suppose to do. Now he is the India’s top writer and his name is Durjoy datta.  If he stay in the security of job he will not be able to be  india’s top writer.

Sometimes in our life we have to came out of job security to full fill our dream. If we always tries to be safe in our lives it will stops us to achieve our dreams.

According to me magic and merical happens but it happens when we move out of the spot light. You just  belief yourself.

Find Your Hogwarts

we are described as many thing in our life at different phase of our life. what ever we do. But when you describe yourselves, you do not describe yourselves by the things that you’re really average at, instead of that we like to describe our selves by the things we are good at or the things we love to do.don’t be defined by the career you are in, don’t be defined by the qualification you have Be defined by what you love.

we all are  Hermione Granger! i don’t know how many of my you are the fan of harry potter film series and how many of you read the books. Hermione Granger is one of the my favorite character and not without reason she is intelligent, she is ambitious and a very clever muggel (who does not know magic) . insted of being muggel (she does not have magic) she grew up to one of the most powerful witch of her age at the hogwarts. What i constantly think about is what if she does not discovered that her real true calling was to become a witch. what if she had not discovered that she was born to be a witch. everyone around the world should related to Hermione Graner because we all are intelligent, we all are reasonably ambitious, so i constantly thought that aren’t we all looking for hogwarts the place where we truly be ourselves. But there is one another character in harry potter series Ronald weasely. he wasn’t a great wizard he wasn’t even a good one,he was really stupid but even his safe place was hogwarts. There was that place he would go and he would be accepted, he could go to hogwarts and he’d be loved that is where he felt at home. so it’s not important for you to be good at your passion, it’s important for you to love your passion. if you love your passion it will love you back unconditionally, irrevocably. it’s very important for you to find that passion. it doesn’t matter whether you are Ron weasely the Dumb wizard or Hermione Granger the clever witch.what’s important is that you find your hogwarts the place where you truly can be your self.


the daily prompt challenge by daily post. here it is

Winsome began as “wynsum” a thousand years ago. It was formed from “wynn,” the Old English word for “joy” or “pleasure,” and the suffix -sum, an older form of the “-some” we see today in many adjectives, such as “awesome,” “irksome,” and “lonesome.” “Wynn” later became win,meaning “pleasure,” but we haven’t used that noun since the 17th century. We do, however, use another word that has a “pleasing” connection and is related, albeit distantly, to “winsome.” “Winning” (“tending to please or delight,” as in “a winning smile” or “winning ways”), the present participle of the familiar verb “win,” is from Old English winnan, meaning “to struggle.” Both “winnan” and “wynn” are thought to be related to Latin venus, which means, among other things, “charm.”

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What we need?

In today’s world our education system is based on the getting good marks in the examination. If you get good marks you are a brilliant student and if you not you are average or poor student. Is this right that analysis of students done on the basis of their marks?

According to me in today’s world we don’t need a well filed mind which knows everything which already discovered. For this purpose we have Google  so why we need to filed our mind. In spite of that we need a “well formed mind”. The mind which reacts with the unfamiliar facts and details that can actually synthesized information that it hasn’t studied before. A mind in other words that can react to the bigger examination called ‘life’ which does not actually only give you things you’re prepared for. For this examination you need a mind that’s shaped by original thinking. A mind that doesn’t just asks teachers why? But why not?